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Treatments with paraffin

1. Treatment of hands.
2. Treatment of feet.
3. Facial hydrating treatment.

It is recommended to do a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions in any of the treatments.

1. Treatment of hands.

  • The hydration with paraffin should be done after the manicure but always before varnishing the nails, cleaning previously the rests of paraffin from the nails.
  • First apply the dermic anti-septic on both hands and dry.
  • Do 3 to 4 inmersions, first with the fingers separate and the last one with the fingers together.
  • Take the hand out of the paraffin bath and wrap it up in osmotic film.
  • Cover the hand with the  special ridged gloves or , if missing, with a ridged towel to maintain the warmth.
  • Do the same operation with the other hand.
  • Leave the glove or towel during 20 minutes and take it off.
  • Dry the hand and proceed with the varnishing if wanted.

2. Treatment of feet.

The protocol to follow is the same as for the hands.

3. Facial hydrating treatment.

To realize a facial treatment with paraffin follow the same protocol then when doing a facial hygene treatment.:

  • Cleansing the face with the appropriate cleansing milk.
  • Toning with appropriate tonic.
  • A soft peeling.
  • Apply a hidrating biologic.
  • Facial massage
  • Apply a paraffin mask:

- Cover the eyes with moistened cotton pads.
- Apply a facial gauze on the skin.
- Apply layers of paraffin with a brush.
- Apply 3 to 4 layers.
- Leave the mask acting during 20 minutes.
- Remove the mask from above to below.
- Apply hidrating cream.


  • In all these cases when it is needed to  hydrate , smooth or provide humectation and emolients to the skin.
  • Articular problems (artrosis)
  • Rehabilitation when providing warmth is beneficial.

Contra indications:

In all these cases when providing warmth is not recommended:

  • Cuperosis.
  • Caparrosa.
  • Wounds.
  • Flaccidity (don’t do extended treatments).
  • Dermatological problems.
  • Erythemas.