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Recent studies show that women start with hair removal on an early age between fourteen and sixteen years and this practice is maintained until fifty fife approximately.

The period of time between one depilation and the next depends on the age of the person and hormonal and genetic factors which regulate the hair growth.

Another aspect which has influence are the seasons of the year. For this motive, in more sunny and consequently warmer seasons, depilation is practiced much more than during the rest of the year.

Culture is another aspect with great influences on the habits of depilation. You can talk about countries where women have been educated with the tradition of depilation and countries where this tradition does almost not exist.

Nowadays women do not want to have only beautiful and good depilated legs but also other, more delicate areas like armpits, bikini line, etc. which means a full concern for the beautician regarding the type of wax to choose.

In short, what beauticians take into account when they ask for a hair removal method is its efficiency and duration and in this two aspects waxing is number one.

We have to point out that nowadays also hair removal for men is increasing and, of course, we have also thought in them.